Project Update!

It’s almost here! Our team is pumped to get on the plane and get to Honduras!

The money has been arriving little by little to help support our team expenses and to go towards our projects. We are almost all the way there. If you have a “Change Jug” don’t forget to turn those in this week so we can get that money counted and deposited.IMG_3733

I wanted to share one of our big projects we are raising money for. We are going to do a house build. I’ve done this with teams in other countries before and it is an amazing experience. It’s also a powerful way to be the gospel of grace. We will be building a home for a family with a little boy named Jonathan. They are in desperate need as their shack is falling in on them. They don’t have the money to provide strong walls and a roof to keep their family safe. Our goal is to raise $5000 to pay for material and local labor to help us build.

If you want to give towards this project or our other Farming and Health projects just follow this link to our secure church giving website and select “Honduras 10” in the drop-down designation box.

Thank you for partnering with us! We will keep you updated on all that God does!

+ Please be praying for Victoria Adams t00, she is having trouble getting her passport!

-Pastor Josh


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