Day 1 – Safe and Sound


This is Caleb and I’m gonna  tell you about our first day, which included me getting on a plane for the first time. It was a scary, exciting, fun experience. Then we got on ANOTHER plane, but by then I was an experienced plane passenger so it wasn’t too bad. When we got here and walked out of the doors of the airport the land was beautiful, there were mountains and beautiful farmland. We had a two hour drive to El Eden where we are now, and along the way we stopped at a gas station and I got a Honduran grapefruit soda called a Fresco. Then I met a little girl named Mia, she is 10 years old and she became my teacher because I didn’t know how to roll my r’s.

On the way to dinner I finally was able to roll my r’s because of Mia’s amazing teaching. Our first meal was incredible, we had lasagna, zucchini and carrots shredded (I don’t normally eat vegetables but they were awesome), and nice crispy bread. After dinner we walked back to our cabins and the  cabins are better than I was expecting, so I’m happy about that. Last night it was just me and Peter so we just played some cards, but Tyler caught a flight to Florida and he should join us today. Please keep praying.

Until tomorrow have a great day and we’ll have someone different tomorrow.





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