Day 2 – God Works All Things Together


Today was our first full day in Honduras! This country is absolutely breathtaking.

This morning we went to their new church building that people from Lifepointe helped finish. After we had worship together as a church we went outside with about 50 kids from ages 3-11. I had the wonderful opportunity to lead the children’s lesson today on the fruit of the spirit. Erin had prepared a lesson while we were back at home. The best thing was they had already been learning about the fruit of the spirit, so God clearly provided us with the perfect lesson. We decorated frisbees with the kids and, at first, they didn’t understand that they got to keep them but then we told them. The look of joy on their faces when they realised that they were theirs to keep was priceless!


The food here is the best thing I have ever tasted! Tonight during our team meeting we talked about the importance of unity. My favorite part of our devotion, that our wonderful leader Josh wrote, was this sentence, “We are all different and quirky in our own ways. Can people who are different work together. Scripture things to think so. In fact, that’s the way God planned it.” Our team is made up of different people but we are all here on the same mission. We are working alongside different people too but we are all one family in Christ.


Mom update: I only cried once (maybe twice) so far! 🙂

Pray for our safety, unity, and health as we start the house build tomorrow. Today during church Josh was able to pray over the family. We are so excited about this act of love.

Oh, and by the way. Tyler is here. Hoorray for Jesus!



P.S. We are 2 hours behind so sometimes it’s hard to get the blog done at night. Also, please leave lots of comments on our blog or Facebook! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Day 2 – God Works All Things Together

  1. These blogs are the highlight of my day. So proud of you all and the love you are sharing and experiencing with the people and one another. I’m certain this experience is stretching you in so many wonderful ways. Maddy has cried twice? It’s been tough on this end, not being able to make a connection. I have cried too. You are in our thoughts and prayers all day and night, every day. Stay strong, be safe and big hugs from home! Sure would make it a whole lot easier if we could have more direct contact!


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