Day 3 – Working For Jesus

Hola todos,

Today the guys in the group learned a very important lesson in timeliness.  We learned to wake up at least an hour before we have to go to breakfast.  But it all turned out all right. The breakfast was fantastic per usual. Then it was off to work!  We all were ready to serve but didn’t know what exactly what we were going to do. We laid the foundation of the house today. It was a foundational moment! We all got a share in the work and it was actually very enjoyable looking past all the sweatiness and dirtiness.


This is the current house that the family lives in. That is the mother standing in the doorway and they have two children; Jonathan and Jocelyn. It almost blew down a couple weeks ago during a big storm.


Here’s us learning new skills!


Here’s me and my Honduran girlfriend.

After lunch, we went over to the church and played games and Caleb taught a bible lesson. We used puppets and since it was the story of David and Goliath, I had to be Goliath, obviously. Then I went over to play soccer with some kids kicking penalty kicks. I made a fool of myself talking to the kids in the little Spanish I know, and they laughed but it was ok, the only way to learn is to speak it and make mistakes. I ended up winning the competition and for a non-soccer player, I was pretty proud of myself. The others were either back to work on the house or sharing their testimonies to each other by the church. We went back to the cabins for showers and rest. It was glorious!


Thank you all for your prayers!

We are actually still short $1000 to help build this house. We will keep building in faith! If you want to give towards the house project, or spread the word, just follow this link to our secure church giving website and select “Honduras 10” in the drop-down designation box.

Pray that we will have a good work day tomorrow and that God will give us opportunities to grow in our faith.  We are all safe but there are a few people feeling a little sick.  Pray they have strength tomorrow!

Keep sharing our blog!!!

Peace out,

Peter Heil


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