Day 4 – Beautiful People, Beautiful Place

Hello, this is Nancy Manning, and I am on my first mother-daughter international mission trip.  Laura is my daughter.  So far, this trip has been one amazing experience after another.  El Eden is in a lush green valley where they say you can put a stick in the ground and it will grow.  We look up to lush green mountains all around. There are incredible flowers of every color; and lots of tropical crops -banana, plantain, coffee, mango, coconut, corn.  There are birds everywhere, and they chatter constantly and even knock on the tin roofs of our cabins at night.


The team has been working hard to build a house for a family of four – padre, madre, hija, hijo.  Today, we moved concrete block, moved and spread dirt, made concrete mortar, laid layers of concrete bricks and filled cracks in the walls with the mortar.  Part of the team also led activities with the children at the church.  The children are beautiful and well-behaved.  We played red light, green light and duck, duck, goose in Spanish, and musical chairs.  It was great to watch and listen to Josh sing Spanish children songs inside the musical chair circle.  Laura and I led the lesson in mostly Spanish.  We had a ball of many colors – “Pelota de Muchos Colores” that explained the plan of salvation in Jesus.


Our time with the children was cut short by the rain.  We are in the rainy season, and it comes down like you would imagine it would in a tropical area.  However, it did not cut our time short for the construction. The construction team continued through the rain and were rejoined by the rest of the team.  We continued working through the rain until we had used all the mortar that was made and looked like drowned rats when we returned to our cabins.


It has all be so worthwhile as the family we are building the house for is so grateful, and the children have so much joy.  Their smiles and laughter are adorable.  We are shining the light of Christ in Honduras!

Today’s devotion really spoke to me in how my overwhelmingly busy American lifestyle keeps me from God’s great goal for me which is Himself.  Being in Honduras without internet or a cell phone has given me such an opportunity to see how I have been content with less of God in my life.  However, He also showed me how amazing my life in America is.

Hasta luego!

P.S. Keep the comments coming. We love them!


3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Beautiful People, Beautiful Place

  1. You all bring such light to our lives here. Sharing your daily adventures, is humbling. I sure wish I were there with you. I know we take so much fur granted here.
    Love to all of you! Keep your hair up and in a hat! Praying for you all, all the time! Be safe!


  2. I’ve been praying for y’all everyday- multiple times a day! Especially praying that you all get enough sleep! Hope the birds aren’t keeping you up!
    I woke up this morning and realized I needed to check for updates on this blog- I was so happy to see that the post was from my friend- Nancy Manning! I love seeing the beautiful pictures and reading the beautiful stouter if how you are shining bright for Jesus!! I’ll continue to lift you up in prayer!!


  3. Awesome to see God at work. The house you all are building is looking great! Thanks for sharing! As you move cinder blocks in a tropical rain storm don’t be afraid to ask yourself the eternal questions in life. Like, “Is it worth it?” And “Is it easier than wrestling gators?” Or “Why didn’t I stick with accounting?” Love you all, miss you, Will is enjoying his work. I pray for you all often.


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