Day 6 – Lord, Give Me Lice!

Hola outside world!

It’s so odd to be in the presence of technology. My hands are literally so used to holding a shovel I can hardly type.

How is everyone? I am doing wonderful, I know you were all dying to know. Today has been quite exhausting. I have done my absolute best to resist adjusting to Honduran time so that waking up early wouldn’t be so hard. However, today was kinda difficult. I woke up pretty confused on where I was for a few minutes, but remembered I am in the most beautiful country ever!

Anyone who knows me well will know I am not a fan of coffee. But let me tell you, I have been killing some coffee. Working long hours of manual labor, in what feels like 90-degree weather, with the sun beating down, has changed me into the coffee drinker I am today. The coffee is also really good here, so that helped.  It is grown in volcanic soil which makes it better than any other coffee apparently.

At 8 am we start our work day and go till 12. Then have a nice little hour break, eat a fantastic meal, and head back! Today we switched it up a little and went back to construction after lunch rather than working with children. That made me a little sad but I have learned that really no matter where you are, the children will find you.  We were surrounded by the children most of the afternoon.

Oh yeah, and I might have lice!

DSC04243Yes, I know all the mothers are cringing, especially my own. However, I tend to always manage to find a deeper meaning in things and I have managed to find one in head lice. As I sit and allow the children to play with my hair, rub their heads on mine, or hug around my neck, my natural instinct is “oh man, I am going to have bugs in my hair.” But of course, when you take yourself out of the picture, and your own feelings of discomfort, you realize that this child is so happy to be able to play with some hair, and have someone to hug and love on them. And that’s when you have to think of God. We are all lice infested and messy, but He loves us and takes us in open-armed anyway. So even if I do get lice, I see it as a small sacrifice to a great amount of love that’s working through me.

5 more days to go!

Please keep our backs, feet, and everything else in your prayers!






2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Lord, Give Me Lice!

  1. Oh Erin! I just knew this was you! I’m so proud of you. Your attitude is beautiful and humbling. I read tour post to my bunco group tonight. I just couldn’t focus on the game, because my heart and thoughts were on all of you!
    I hope we get a chance to talk again before you come home.
    The Republican convention is going on. Seems so unimportant compared to the job you all are doing . Totally focused on a purpose , serving God and loving people. Makes all this seem so small.
    We pray for you all and I hope we can see more pictures! How’s the house coming along? I’m excited to hear more. We LOVE the blogs here! We can rest better knowing about your days .
    Hugs and prayers


  2. Sounds like you all are having an amazing experience… Please tell Nancy and Laura that I am praying and thinking of them and all you amazing servants of God.


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