Day 7 – God Made Dirt Too!

And we certainly have seen more dirt than we care to remember!

(Sorry about the late Blog! Church ends late at night at we are 2 hours behind EST.)

Hola! Me Llamo’ Katalina!  Hello!  My name is Kathy.  After 5 days of construction, we are so much better at communicating.  Everyone is learning each other’s names and even sharing a little bit of conversation.  All those years of Spanish back in high school, some 20 years plus ago are paying off.  Some of it is coming back to me!


It has been great to remember some of the language as I have been able to talk with the Madre’ (mom) of the house.  Her name is Lastenia.  I have a special connection to her as she is a mom of 2 children (ages 9 and 11) and has a busy household to manage.  However, her house is so different than what I have in America.  It really makes me so thankful for what we have and the instantaneous world we live in.   It is humbling.  Lastenia needs to maintain a fire constantly for cooking for her family and is very careful to take care of every tool she uses.   She takes great pride in her home and possessions.  We have a stove, microwave, running water and disposable utensils that we take for granted back at home.


Progress on the house has been amazing to witness.  Everyone on the team has been working diligently.  The hole we are digging for the septic tank is now over 9 feet deep.  We are using buckets tied to a rope to bring up the dirt.  It is quite strenuous.  The walls are coming along nicely as well.  They are at the right height to begin the roofing work.  Josh is pretty excited as he will have an opportunity to weld the tin roof.  One more country added to his list of being able to bless people with his welding skills.

20160722_182108In the evening we went to church service which was amazing.  Peter was able to join the worship team.  We sang a combination of Spanish and English worship songs.  It was beautiful.  It just shows how God’s love and grace transcends all languages.  Josh brought the message and talked about the living water that God provides and that we should thirst for this over what the world provides.

Thank you for reading our blog and keep the comments coming!

-Pray for strength as we have gardening and more construction to complete.  We need supernatural strength in our arms and backs.  We look forward to Saturday when we can go into town for some shopping and then take naps!


Kathy aka Everyone’s Mom!









One thought on “Day 7 – God Made Dirt Too!

  1. Amazing the walls are high enough to begin roofing! I should probably go buy some blocks so when you get home you can keep your skills sharp. Miss you all, I’m praying for your strength, your perseverance, and that the Holy Spirit will do His work through you.


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