Day 9 – Yo Soy Una Mariposa

Hola! Me llamo Laura.

This morning we had an amazing worship service. Peter and Celeste did a great job singing on stage and leading a new song in English. All the songs are normally in Spanish so it was a nice change. We took the kids outside during the sermon and did a lesson with puppets. The kids really enjoyed our Daniel and the lion’s den play. Josh and Kathy shared the gospel with the kids in Spanish and four gave their life to Christ!


My mom and I did a craft decorating clothespins with the kids. It wasn’t too difficult so the kids went home with a craft they can use pretty often.


After church, we squeezed thirteen of us into the bed of a truck with the pastor’s family. and drove into town. We ate at a wonderful restaurant and filled ourselves with tacos and taquitos. We took another crazy ride back in the moto-taxis. We all took a nice siesta. After that, some of us went swimming but Josh, Peter, and I went to the soccer field.They started a game. It was the pastor and his group of kids versus Josh and Peter’s team with more kids. It was quite a battle. I played with a group of girls while Josh and Peter’s team came out victorious. We all walked back looking like a sweaty mess. We all walked to dinner and just ate an amazing meal of soup and spring rolls.

Tonight we finished with our team devotion about continuing what God taught us here. We are ready to come home and live out the transformation God gave us. Here is a line from our Devo book that Josh wrote: “Transformation, however, is like the life of a mundane caterpillar morphed into a majestic butterfly! This is the spiritual transformation God accomplished in you when you were saved.” We are learning what this transformation looks like in each of us and we are ready to come home and be butterflies.

-Pray for Josh, Erin, and Madi to feel better from their colds.

-Pray for our last day of work tomorrow. We will try and get the roof done. The house is almost done!

Yo soy una mariposa,



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