Day 10/11 – Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls, Just Go Home.

It’s our last day here and we wanted to share some final experiences. We didn’t have power yesterday so the blog update is a bit late.

Hola everyone! It’s the team here to do a do quick recap of Monday and Tuesday.


Here is what the house looks like on our final day.


Here is the beautiful mother and daughter that we are building the house for.


After a hard final day of construction, on Monday, we had the privilege to hear Pastor Raphael’s testimony. He told us about how God called his family back to Honduras from the U.S. He talked about how sacrificial their family had to be in order to follow God’s plan. It’s really amazing how much they trust God with every part of their lives. Pastor Raphael’s testimony impacted each of us.

On Tuesday we had an amazing opportunity to spend the morning debriefing our experience here in Honduras.  We talked about our transformation and how God has made significant changes in each of us.  We discussed how we would carry this change back home and continue to live in the transformation God has begun in us.

After our debrief, we had lunch then headed out for a fantastic excursion in the mountains to a park where we could zip line over the waterfalls and God’s amazing creation.  We had such a blast!  We also stood at the base of the waterfall for a great photo op!



After supper, as it was getting dark, we got to do something we’ll never forget. We went over to the house we are building and had a dedication service. We gave the family a couple weeks worth of food that we had bought them and shared how much joy was in our hearts. We explained how it was a great privilege for us to share in this life change with them. Then, by the light of our flashlights, we stood in their new home and prayed over it. Josh prayed in English and Pastor Raphael prayed in Spanish. We prayed a blessing of safety and health. We prayed that God would shine his light in their house and that it would be a place of refuge for generations.

As we consider our time here and think about our journey home, we all have mixed emotions.  Believe it or not, there are some who are desiring to stay and are heading back to the states reluctantly.  We have all developed a love for the people and this beautiful country.  God has done some big things in and through us on this journey. As we begin our journey back to SC, pray for safety and traveling mercy.  Thank you for following us on this journey.

As we begin our travels back to SC, pray for safety and energy.  Thank you for following us on this journey.

Families – be ready for some excited, on fire for Jesus teens to impact your home!  We all have some unforgettable  stories to share!

-See you soon,

The Team.



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