2 Weeks! Countdown begins…

I can’t believe it’s almost here! The months of planning, fundraising, praying, and preparing have gone by quickly. In 2 weeks we will be on an airplane to Honduras! We wanted to catch you up on a few things that have happened since we last checked in:

1 – We are 95% funded! There are only 3 people on our 21 person team with money to raise. Through fundraisers, family, and our church community at Lifepointe we have been richly blessed. God has provided all along the way through some awesome people. Thank you to each of you who have contributed to this team and the ministry we will do in Honduras!Screenshot 2017-07-06 11.18.38

2 – We have already donated $4,000 towards our house build project! We will be building a home for a widow and her children. Her family is very involved at the church. Thier current house is very unsafe and we are excited to help improve this families future.

house build 1

3 – We’ve started collecting letters for our team. If you want to write a letter to encourage one of the people on our team there’s still time! We collect the letters before we leave and take them with us to pass out during the trip. It’s a lot better than relying on the postal system! So, write out a few notes, put them in envelopes, and put one of our team members name on it and we will deliver it during the trip. You can even put the numbered day you want them to receive it on. For a list of names just contact: josh@lifepointecc.com

Only one more thing to do and that’s to pack!

We hope that during the trip you’ll check out this blog to stay updated each day as we work, play, and experience the ministry there. We will have a different team member update each day of the trip. Share the blog and keep praying! Nothing is impossible with God!



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